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Beautiful Enough?
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30 seconds to mars, a clock work orange, a cutthroat kiss, acoustic, adam brody, adelphi, any dario argento flick, art, at the drive in, avenged7fold, avondale, babes in toyland, beetlejuice, being awesome, being weird, ben folds five, big hugs, billy talent, bjork, black and white pictures, blondie, bound, boys night out, breakfast club, breeders, but iam a cheerleader, chicks on speed, christopher carrabba, cocteautwins, coheed and cambria, concerts, converse, courtesy of you, cursive, dane cook, dashboard confessional, david bowie, day of the dead, deadsy, deja entendu, donnie darko, drive thru records, duran, eighteen visions, emo, emo girls, emo hair, fall out boy, ferris bullers day off, foxy brown, from first to last, further seems forever, fuse, gang of four, girls in a coma, gravy train, gwar, hellogoodbye, hidden in plain view, high fives, holy molar, horror pops, huntington beach, ikara colt, ima robot, indie, jack off jill, jackie on acid, jenoah, ladytron, lafawnduh, laughing till it hurts, liars, ligers, limbeck, litigre, lovers, lunachicks, madelia, mae, mars volta, matchbook romance, mellowdrone, metric, midtown, millencolin, miss derringer, morissey, morrisey, movies, music, my american heart, my bloody valentine, my friends, my ruin, napoleon dynamite, natural born killers, no way jose, nowhere, open, peaches, pecker, pedro, phantom planet, piano, pink flamingos, pj harvey, polka dots, pretty in pink, queen, queenadreena, radiohead, rasputina, reel big fish, requiem for a dream, romeo and juliet, rooney, samhain, saves the day, scarling, screamo, showgirls, sigur-ros, silverstein, sixteen candles, ska, sleeping, soco, socratic, some girls, something corporate, sonic youth, stellastarr, sugar cubes, t.s.o.l, tears for fears, the b-52s, the bloodbrothers, the clash, the doom generation, the faint, the locust, the smiths, the start, the the, thee heavenly music association, tiger army, wall of voodoo, walls of jericho, x